kstipetic (kstipetic) wrote,

What the hell, China?

China is infamous for its filthy toilets. I was talking to a Chinese teacher this afternoon who had recently been to Thailand. I asked her which country had cleaner toilets and she said, "Don't even ask. Don't ask about any country. I love my home but there's just some things we don't do well."

Personally, my rule about using public toilets goes like this: If the shit is "above sea level," I don't use it.

What can be done about this widely recognized problem? Obviously China needs to modernize its public water closets somehow. I was walking through the mall earlier today when I saw this sign, and rejoiced. Perhaps I should give the Chinese some credit. They are moving forward towards a throne for the 21st century!


You can imagine my dismay when I realized this was not, in fact, a national campaign to clean up China's porcelain shit holes, but was in fact a new restaurant coming soon.


A peak through the posters revealed the interior decoration is bathroom-themed, you sit on chairs shaped like toilets. My only guess is that it's some sort of all-you-can-eat buffet taken to the next level. An infinite buffet, if you will.
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