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Duck Story

Donald is currently on a school field trip to somewhere called Beidai. It used to have a zoo, but that burned down. There is an amusement park, but the school won't be visiting it. I really have no idea why they're going at all, except maybe to keep me and my neighbor Pin Pin bored and lonely for a few days.

Instead of just sitting around at home watching Revolutionary Girl Utena, I decided to go to Tai Yuan Jie and just have a look around. But one can't just have a look around in fashion street. I couldn't resist buying this shirt:

The gang's all there.

Somebody designs these T-shirts. Did you ever stop to think about that? I wish it was my job.

Anyway, not having change for the bus, I decided to take a cab home. About half the cabbies don't know where YuCai south campus is off the top of their heads, which is completely understandable since it's down an unlit street in the industrial district. But the poor guy I got today, he didn't even know where 21 Century Square was, the big landmark building of Hunnan district. We pulled out of Tai Yuan Street and headed out in what seemed to be a random direction. My flustered cabbie, a young guy, coulda just graduated high school, pulls out his cell phone and I hear him asking "Shi Zhi Guangchang zai nar?" "Where's 21 Century Square?" My face nearly hit the palm.

Once we entered a part of town which I didn't recognize whatsoever, he turns to me and asks how much I want to pay him. Because he can't use the meter anymore. Because he fucked up. Luckily I know that ride costs exactly 30 kuai, so that's what I told him.

I figured he had it under control once we got to Wal-Mart. I had my head in a book, but I heard the click click of the turn signal, so I thought he knew where he was going now. Except instead of turning left at Wal-Mart, at the last minute he inexplicably went straight. Guess he got cold feet? I must have had a look on my face, because he immediately turned the car around and said "It was left, wasn't it?"

But in the end I got home, so no big deal. Hopefully the next time that guy gets a customer going Century Square, he'll have a better idea where it is.
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